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IKEA Spree

We visited one of our local IKEAs today. It’s alway’s such a mad house, even today because of the holiday. Our goal was to replace the rolling office chairs, that were scratching up our floors, with non-moving chairs. Somehow we ended up with stools. Seemed like a good idea at the time. We were impressed that you could adjust the height and spin around. After trying to sit on them for a while we both became uncomfortable and switched to a kitchen chair and another chair with a back from our storage room. I thought we’d just put them back in the boxes and return them, but I can’t pull them apart to pack them again. Annoying!!! I also got a very cute new tea kettle.


More Updates

Hi everyone, I moved my blog from Blogger back to my own site using Word Press. I’m still working through how to use it and I tweaked one their templates to fit in with my site. I haven’t figured out yet how to create links within posts, but I’ll get it eventually.

(just figured out how to do links, using the same code I was on Blogger)